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Prison Ministry

“People in prison are still people, made in the image and likeness of God.  No matter what someone has done, they deserve the opportunity to hear the Word of God and find the Truth of the message of Christ.”

Source – United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri provides resources and support for Catholic clergy, religious and lay volunteers providing ministry to the incarcerated in the nine correctional facilities located within the 38 counties covered by CCCNM. Some of the services provided include the following:

  • Supply Bibles, rosaries, and a host of other religious and educational materials and support
  • Connection with Residents Encounter Christ (REC) Program – a retreat for inmates
  • Host trainings and days of reflections for Catholic Volunteers in Prison Ministry
  • Limited assistance may be available to an inmate while incarcerated, an inmate family, or for post incarceration help
  • We engage in education and advocacy for social justice and elimination of the death penalty.

If you have questions regarding prison or jail ministry, contact:

Father Patrick Dowling – dowlingp50@gmail.com