Rural Life


Photo courtesy of Catholic Charities USA.

The rural life work of Catholic Charities applies the principles of our faith to the social, economic, and spiritual development of rural individuals, families and communities.

With our family farmers, rural communities, and others with whom we are in solidarity, we seek food, land, environmental, and agricultural justice through policy, advocacy and practice, as we strive to provide care for God’s creation – our home.

Catholic Charities provides spiritual formation, education, and advocacy that helps rural people shape their futures, and lead lives of dignity.

Staff works with parishes, individuals, groups and organizations that are committed to the values, principles, and goals that are in concert with the teachings of our faith.

For more information, visit the links below or contact Barbara Ross at or call 573.635.7719.

National Catholic Rural Life Conference

Catholic Coalition on Climate Change

USCCB Environmental Justice Program

Food First

Institute on Agriculture and Trade Policy